MD’s Massage

Message from the Managing Director

Apon Deal International Ltd. is a digital e-commerce company based on modern information technology. The main objective of this company is to play a role in the implementation of the digital payment system. In front of that goal, we have taken initiative to build a prosperous city based in Bangladesh. Cashless Community Bangladesh or Digital Payment System is very effective in creating good social system by preventing corruption from the country. The meaning of large economy of any country's economy is unnoticed. When an economy relies heavily on cash, its various misuses make the economy sick. Economy moves the country towards tax evasion, black money and corruption. In addition to the poor people leaving them in jeopardy. Digital payments, i.e. cashless transactions, will make the economic growth more dynamic and we believe that the country will play a role in helping the country's development to free corruption. It is also common in developed countries of the world. This method will see the vision of modern and advanced Bangladesh. 

In July 2012, the government of Bangladesh started mobile banking services to deliver 150 million people to the country's banking services. Only five banks started working in 10 consecutive scheduled bank branches. Starting 4,422,269 subscribers, 9093 agents started service If in the first six months the transaction is only 207 crores and at the end of the second year 170 million people in the mobile bank Color18 banks have been approved to deliver the services and 8,86,473 agents in December 2018 are carrying continuous services to 374 million subscribers, where the turnover is increased to Tk 32,106 crore. In the scale of the number that still 10-20% of the lion's share is in 2/4 companies. The remaining 80% -90% of the market is still empty. We all have the need to use such a huge potential and the required for manpower is ours. 

People are entering e-commerce for the welfare of modern technology. The vast majority of people outside the banking services are all deprived of modern information technology services. Where the expansion of e-commerce is being used as a normal operation. To address the problem of e-commerce, the need to increase the scope of banking services to a greater extent. He has been working towards achieving the objective of implementing the universal and equitable online system, through the concept of traditional and technological e-commerce, to solve the country's self-respect, economic development, solve the unemployment problem and implement the vision-2021 declared by the People's Republic of Bangladesh, to make the country a Digital Bangladesh. Coordinated participation of all.